about the colouring pencils box

Embark on an artistic journey with our Colouring Pencil Box! Unbox a treasure trove of high-quality, vibrant pencils designed to ignite your creativity.

Accompanied by a comprehensive guide, delve into shading techniques, colour blending, and intricate detailing. From whimsical sketches to detailed illustrations, this kit is your passport to the captivating world of colouring pencils.

Elevate your artistry, unlock a spectrum of possibilities—let the Colouring Pencil Box be your gateway to vibrant self-expression!

a brief history of colouring pencils

Dating back to the 19th century, colouring pencils have a rich history of evolution. Initially crafted with simple pigments and binders, they've transformed into the versatile, wax-based wonders we know today. In the early 20th century, the Faber-Castell company introduced the watercolour pencil, further expanding artistic possibilities.

Colouring pencils transcended mere tools for children's play, becoming integral in fine art, illustration, and adult colouring. Artists embraced the medium for its precision, blending, and the ability to create intricate details. From professional artworks to therapeutic adult colouring books, these pencils have woven themselves into the fabric of artistic expression.

the colouring pencils box contains

  • 36 Boxed Colouring Pencils
  • A Dual Pencil Sharpener
  • 20cm Metal Ruler
  • Eraser
  • 3 x Pencils (HB, 6B, 6H)
  • A5 Colour Grid
  • A5 Art Print
  • 4 x Blank Greeting Cards
  • A4 Sketch Pad 
  • Artful Magazine