about the studio markers box

Step into a world of precision and vibrancy with our Studio Marker Pens Kit! Unleash your creativity using high-quality markers in a spectrum of colours.

This box includes versatile paper and an expert guides, ensuring your journey from novice to pro is seamless. Elevate your art with bold strokes, smooth blends, and intricate details.

Unbox the key to dynamic creations—explore the artistry of Studio Marker Pens today!

a brief history of studio markers

Studio Marker Pens emerged in the mid-20th century, revolutionising graphic design and illustration. Evolving from traditional markers, these alcohol-based wonders offer vibrant colours, precise lines, and seamless blends.

Widely adopted by artists, designers, and hobbyists, Studio Marker Pens bring life to sketches, comics, and intricate artworks, bridging the gap between traditional and digital realms.

the studio markers box contains

  • 24 Colour Studio Marker Pen Set (individual pens)
  • Studio Marker Art Print
  • A4 Sketchpad - 30 Sheets
  • Artful Studio Marker Pen Magazine
  • Artful - 0.5 Fineliner PenA5 Colour Grid
  • Artful 2H Pencil
  • Artful Q3 2022 Diecut holder
  • Greeting Cards
  • Colour Grid Sheet