Ignite the art of elegant expression with our Calligraphy Box! Unveil the beauty of precise strokes and graceful lettering using the finest pens, rich inks, and expertly crafted nibs included in this thoughtfully curated set.

Our comprehensive guide ensures a seamless journey from basics to intricate scripts. Elevate your penmanship, embrace the timeless art of calligraphy—unbox the key to a world of graceful writing today!



Containing all the tools and materials you need this box sets you on the way to creating works of art. With detailed tutorials and imagery to help guide you, you will learn the basic techniques and processes from start to finish.

The type of clay included is Air Dry Clay. Unlike most, this type of clay dries naturally without the need to be fired in a kiln. Popular amongst hobbyists and professionals alike due to its versatility and cit can be used to create anything from vases and pots to jewellery and sculptures.


colouring pencils

Embark on an artistic journey with our Colouring Pencil Box! Unbox a treasure trove of high-quality, vibrant pencils designed to ignite your creativity.

Accompanied by a comprehensive guide, delve into shading techniques, colour blending, and intricate detailing. From whimsical sketches to detailed illustrations, this kit is your passport to the captivating world of colouring pencils.

Elevate your artistry, unlock a spectrum of possibilities—let the Colouring Pencil Box be your gateway to vibrant self-expression!



Dive into the enchanting world of ink artistry with our Art School in a Box - Ink Edition!

This curated box holds premium inks, sleek brush pens, and specialist paper to bring your visions to life. Accompanied by easy-to-follow guides and tutorials, unleash the magic of fluid lines and captivating shades from the comfort of your space.

Elevate your artistic journey—unbox inspiration, create freely, and let your imagination flow with this Ink edition supply box!


mixed media

With this box you can have a greater freedom of expression and you aren't limited to just the contents of this box. By using found objects like cloth, cardboard, paper and more you can add variety of experimentation to your work.

With 5 different tutorials in the accompanying magazine, we will guide you through various techniques, methods and materials to begin creating your very own masterpieces.


screen printing

Unleash your inner artist with our Screen Printing Box! This box is a gateway to vibrant, custom creations. Inside, find high-quality inks, a sturdy frame, and step-by-step guides that turn any space into a personal print studio. Elevate your crafting game and make every design pop with this all-in-one kit. Screen printing mastery awaits—unbox creativity today!


studio markers

Step into a world of precision and vibrancy with our Studio Marker Pens Kit! Unleash your creativity using high-quality markers in a spectrum of colours.

This box includes versatile paper and an expert guides, ensuring your journey from novice to pro is seamless. Elevate your art with bold strokes, smooth blends, and intricate details.

Unbox the key to dynamic creations—explore the artistry of Studio Marker Pens today!